Review-Shorty: Star Wars: Choices of One

Timothy Zahn returns to the Star Wars franchise once again. I review his novel, that got released over here this month: Choices of One

Introducing a new segment of my show: Shorties


Review: Conquerors´ Pride (by Timothy Zahn)

The Trawn-Trilogie by Timothy Zahn is celebrated among Star Wars fans, but how good is he without a pre-established franchise?

Review: Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact

The Library of Madness looks at the Star Wars franchise once again. This novel takes place between the prequels. Was it all worth it for this? That really could be.

Review: Star Trek-Destiny

This review is longer then the last two, but Star Trek-Destiny is a trilogy, so is was to be expected.

The captains Picard, Riker and Dax team up to stop the Borgs invasion, that is not aiming for assimilation any more, but for annihilation. This will bring great change to Star Trek.

Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic – Deceived

My second review is about something a bit more mainstream than last time.